energy-efficientMonthly Energy Cost at 101º water temperature : $15.72

Let go of stress and enjoy.

SEATS 6 adults
DIMENSIONS 7′ x 7′ x 36″ (214 cm x 214 cm x 92 cm)
SPA VOLUME 350 US gal (1,325 liters)
TOTAL JETS 35 (6 varieties)
walnut colored cabinet


Autumn Walnut











Sea Mist


DL Jet
  • Focuses on pressure points on the neck, shoulders and back
  • Provides deep-tissue massage to relieve muscle tension and soreness
  • Adjustable face allows you to control the intensity of your massage
DX Jet
  • Targets small muscles in the neck area with a gentle, yet effective massage
  • Relieves tension and strain
  • Adjusts for more or less water pressure
DV Jet
  • Gentle, pulsating massage action soothes tired calves
  • Rotating jet stream expands and contracts the water stream
  • Fully adjustable face
  • Provides a direct, penetrating massage to muscles in the back
  • Relieves tired muscles, stress and tension
  • Fully adjustable face
  • Delivers powerful hydrotherapy to muscles in the back and calves
  • Adjusts for a customized massage
  • Provides a rotational action delivering a penetrating massage
  • Adjusts for a customized massage
  • Delivers a deep, forceful massage designed to soothe the muscles in the back
  • Large nozzle is easy to adjust
  • Sends swirling currents of warm water circling throughout the spa
  • Vigorous whirlpool action delivers muscle-penetrating massage
  • Available only on the Denali
  • Relaxes with a swirling whirlpool massage
  • Enables you to divert massage from one seat to another

CLEARRAY™ New for 2012, the CLEARRAY Water Purification System is standard on all models. If you have an older hot tub but want the newest technology in the water purification category, you’ll want to purchase the CLEARRAY aftermarket kit.

  • Treats water using exclusive UV-C technology
  • No gas, chemical, or other by-products added to water
  • Neutralizes waterborne pathogens, resulting in clean, fresh, clear water
Stainless Steel Jets
  • Designer stainless steel jet trim
  • Sleek look sparkles through the water
  • Reflect water and light
  • Factory-installed standard

AquaTerrace™ water feature includes colored backlighting with a rotating spectrum or one-color settings. iTouch AquaTerrace controls let you adjust lighting for waterfall and footwell.

BLUEWAVE™ Spa Stereo System

The optional BLUEWAVE™ Spa Stereo System is a perfect addition to complete your Sundance spa. it literally surround you with music. You can easily access a playlist on your mobile device with Bluetooth® audio. The BLUEWAVE Spa Stereo System also includes USB power, AUX input and FM radio. Each stereo includes a wireless remote with an LCD panel that is user-friendly and controls the stereo while enjoying your hot tub.

Multicolor LED Light
  • Footwell light addition
  • LED technology allows for changeable colors
680 Speakers
  • Featuring four marine-grade speakers built into the spa topside
  • Wireless remote to control stereo
Custom Cabinetry

Durable and UV-resistant synthetic cabinetry provides your spa with the beauty of natural wood.

  • Digital LED touchpad panel
  • Choose from preprogrammed temperature and filtration cycles
  • Operate multicolor in-spa LED light option
  • One-pump or two-pump control panel, depending on spa
  • model filtration cycles


Seats: 6 adults
Dimensions:* 7′ x 7′ x 36″ (214 cm x 214 cm x 92 cm)
Dry Weight: 758 lbs (344 kg)
Total Filled Weight: 4,511 lbs (2,046 kg)
Average Spa Volume: 350 US gal (1,325 liters)
Jet Pumps: Pump 1 North America 2-speed/2.5 hp continuous
Pump 2 North America 1-speed/2.5 hp continuous
Total Jets 35
DVR Jets: 4
DX Jets: 4
DL Jets: 17
DXL Jets: 7
DXT Jets: 2
DVX Jets: 1
Air Control/Massage Selectors: 3 Controls
Water Purification System: CLEARRAY®
Filter: 50 sq ft.
Circulation Pumps: 2 jet pumps
Electrical Requirements: North America (60 Hz): 240 VAC @ 40A, 50A or 60A
Export (50 Hz): 230 VAC @ 20A, 30A or 40A
Lighting: Multicolor LED Lighting
Stainless Steel Jet Trim: 35 with stainless steel trim
Headrests: 3
Heater: 5.5 kW Low Flow
Water Feature: Variable Flow Waterfall
Stereo: Optional BLUEWAVE™ Spa Stereo System
Shell Colors: Porcelain, Celestite, Platinum, Oyster, Sahara, Sandstone, Copper Sand, Monaco, Caribbean Surf, Midnight
Cabinetry: Coastal, Mahogany, Autumn Walnut

Sundance Spas may make product modifications and enhancements. Specifications may change without notice. International products may be configured differently to meet local electrical requirements. Spa volume is based on average fill. Manufactured under one or more United States patent numbers. Other patents may apply.

Estimated monthly cost is based on CEC test protocol for standby power consumption only. Test results measured in a controlled environment based on a kilowatt rate per hour of $0.10. Local and future energy rates, local conditions and individual use will alter these estimated monthly costs.For complete CEC test protocol and results visit http://www.energy.ca.gov

* BHP (brake horsepower) is a maximum value measured by the motor manufacturer with no pump installed.
** Heater warranty varies outside North America

Dimensions, capacities and weights are approximate. Specifications are subject to change without notice.