Energy Efficient Hot Tubs: Conserve heat and keep water clean for more efficient operation.

Sundance manufactures high-performance, energy efficient hot tubs that are engineered to run efficiently for years. We build in systems and components that maintain thermal energy. They also keep the water clean longer.

Constance™ $9.86 NA
Victoria™ $13.61 NA
Aspen™ $20.74 NA
Maxxus™ $23.26 $14.89
Optima™ $20.02 $12.54
Cameo™ $18.14 $15.32
Majesta™ $16.34 $12.38
Altamar™ $18.22 $11.74
Marin™ $16.06 $11.16
Capri™ $14.47 $10.66
Chelsee™ $14.33 $11.94
Hamilton™ $16.92 $11.88
Certa™ $13.46 $10.80
Camden™ $12.24 $8.71
Dover™ $11.81 $9.00
Hartford™ $17.35 NA
Hawthorne™ $18.36 NA
Denali™ $11.59 NA
Tacoma™ $9.58 NA

Meets or exceeds the energy efficiency standards as defined by the California Energy Commission “CEC”.

Every Sundance spa is tested in a certified energy chamber for its energy consumption. The chamber was built to test all of our spas to make sure they meet the CEC standards. Computer controlled sensors are calibrated on a regular basis to ensure accuracy. A third party company verifies the results and makes sure the chamber is in compliance with the strict standards of CEC. Unique features on every Sundance spa make them energy efficient so that you can enjoy lower monthly costs.

LED Lighting

Consumes up to 7.5% of the energy used by an equivalent incandescent lighting systems; if you ran your LED lighting system everyday for three hours, you would only spend approximately 40 cents per year ( based on electricity at 10 cents per kilowatt).

Insulating Cover

The marine-grade vinyl covers feature high-density, 1.5 lb foam with an R-value of 13.5, designed to ensure thermal heat retention even in cold climates. Sundance® Spas offers an optional upgrade SUNSTRONG™ Cover featuring authentic Sunbrella® material that lasts twice as long as a traditional vinyl cover. Both covers provide for an energy efficient spa, while helping to keep the water cleaner longer, and reducing maintenance costs.

Full-Foam Insulation

Overall foam conserves heat and supports spa plumbing. High-density, heat-resistant foam surrounds the equipment bay; lighter foam insulates elsewhere ultimately reducing energy cost by maintaining water temperature longer. This is a proven technique in obtaining energy efficient spas.

Optional ECOWRAP™

ECOWRAP™ is a natural radiant barrier that brings thermal and acoustic properties together into an environmentallyfriendly reflective insulation addition to your spa. ECOWRAP™ is ideal for cold weather climates adding an extra layer for heat retention and reducing operating costs. With ECOWRAP™ you can achieve up to 25% reduction in energy usage.