780 Series™ Spas

At The Hot Tub Store, we believe the 780™ Series Sundance Spa should enhance your life.  As a result we combined new technologies with good old fashioned know-how. Our spa is  a well-rounded spa that is a delight to use.  The 780 spa can be a fun family entertainment center or a zen garden retreat. The spa is designed with ten natural colors to choose from and clean styling.  The spa is easy-to-maintain and can form the basis of a no-hassle lifestyle. As a result each spa is built in the best Sundance tradition of reliability and high performance. So, as a result, all you have to do is relax, host a party, or let the jets work on those sore muscles and joints to improve your well-being.
Upgraded options:

  • CLEARRAY™ Water Purification System-Use up to 50% less sanitizer
  • Tool Free EZ-Access Door, makes caring for your spa easier
  • MicroClean™ Filter-It is the best filter in the industry
  • Circulation Pump-Moves 50,000 gallons of water per day to keep your water clean
  • Slipstream™ Floating Skimmer-To insure clean water
  • TheraFlo™ Hot Tub Jet Pump(s)-Delivers the best massage
  • AquaSheer™ Waterfall-To find peace and zen moments amidst the busyness of life
  • Multicolor SunRay™ LED Lighting-Lighting is the basis for mood elevation
  • Stainless Steel Jet Trim-Where design and technology meet
  • Newly redesigned i-Touch™ Controls
  • Pillow Headrests-Can you say SPAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • SunStrong™ Cabinetry-Should not chip, crack peel or rust
  • Full-foam Insulation-Energy efficiency matters in the Northland
  • Synthetic Base & Moisture Barrier-Just what is needed to keep the pests out

CHELSEE 780 SERIES Seats: 6-7

HAMILTON 780 SERIES Seats: 5-6


DOVER 780 SERIES Seats: 2-3