680 Series™ Spas

The 680 Series spas by Sundance offer more custom options, and come in more shapes and sizes, than you will find in almost any other spa line. Most importantly, over 30 years of Sundance experience have gone into the design and production of the 680 Series spas, and each one is backed by a comprehensive warranty – your assurance of Sundance quality and reliability.


  • CLEARRAY® Water System
  • Pinpoint LED Lighting
  • Variable Flow Waterfall
  • Stainless Steel Jet Trim
  • SunStrong® Cabinetry
  • Full-Foam Construction
  • Locking Spa Cover
  • Rigid Bond™ Shell Construction

MCKINLEY 680 SERIES Seats: 6-7

RAMONA 680 SERIES Seats: 5-6

EDISON 680 SERIES Seats: 6

PEYTON 680 SERIES Seats: 6

DENALI 680 SERIES Seats: 4

TACOMA 680 SERIES Seats: 2